About me & what I do.... 

Izzy originally channelled her creative energies into floristry for 17 years before she relocated to the Forest of Dean and discovered the ancient arts of weaving and spinning.

Izzy now feels like she has found her passion. Not only does she have a love for weaving but, more importantly, weaving with natural materials.

As a follower of the ‘Slow Cloth’ philosophy she works in an environmentally conscious way, using sustainable fibres such as nettles and hemp, as well as recycling fibres that would otherwise end up in landfill. Izzy uses her art to celebrate the quality and diversity of nature's colours and textures as well as taking inspiration from her travels and the multicultural history of the art form that is weaving.

Nature is at the heart of every Wildflower Weaver creation - from the inspirational settings of her home and workplace to the organic fibres and dyes used in her designs. Izzy likes to experiment with a variety of different plants and fibres in order to truly bring the beauty of the Earth to life in her art.

Sourcing local yarns and from slaughter free flocks such as sheep in sanctuary, alpacas and wild silk and continuing research into a more 'compassionate cloth' ethic, you can be certain with each piece, that it was hand made with positive intent in an ethical and sustainable way.

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